Monday, 8 August 2016

An Obedient Servant

Reverend Brother Stephen Donald Lucas, OP, was born on the 6th of July, 1932, in Racine, Wisconsin, United States of America. He is fondly called ‘Brother Steve’ by most Dominican Fathers, Brothers and Parishioners alike. His parents were Marcella Kohlman Lucas and Walter Lucas and he has a sister, Virginia-Mary (now Mrs. Norman Chester), who is four years younger than him.

He made his solemn vows on July 29, 1959. When his Provincial called him to inform him that he had been transferred to Yaba, in Africa, he was momentarily stunned, but being the obedient servant that he is, he obeyed and came down to Africa and has stayed right here at St. Dominic’s, for Fifty-Seven years. A lot of Parishioners are distressed at the thought of not seeing Brother Steve again, as he is considered an African in Oyibo skin.

A friend, who has contributed greatly to the Church; St. Dominic (he has  a strong interest in medicine), Society for Vocation Support, St. Jude Apostolate, just to mention a few. We are indeed very grateful to God, for the simplicity, sincerity and humility clearly evident in the life of our Brother. As we say goodbye to a true servant of God and send him forth on Saturday, August 13th, we urge all and sundry to continue to pray for him. As we can be sure, he is praying for us.

Rev. Fr. Felix Onemheghie, OP
Pastor, St. Dominic Catholic Church, Yaba.

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