Tuesday, 11 October 2016

‘We Need Profound Conversion and Urgent Revival of Faith,’ Says Pope

Francis. Mother Teresa. Pallotine
In this world, we need profound conversion and an urgent revival of faith in Christ.
Pope Francis stressed this when addressing members of the General Assembly of the Pallottine Fathers this morning in the Vatican.
Francis began his discourse praising their founder, St. Vincent Pallotti’s, great charism, noting, “he has become an enlightening and inspiring beacon in the Church,” especially how it “calls upon the faithful to actively engage in Gospel witness.”
The Holy Father underscored how he wished to remember their founder in a special way in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, for the saint recognized that Jesus is “the Apostle of the Father, Who is rich in and full of mercy.”
“This mystery of God’s fatherhood, which opens to every man, through the work of the Son, His heart full of love and compassion, acquires special significance in our times,” Francis said.
Before daily scenes of violence and brutality, Francis told the priests, “we need to remind ourselves of that Father, whose heart thinks of all and desires the salvation of every man.”
The Pontiff urged that each member of their Pallottine Family to keep Christ and the faithful following them always as its core.
“Contemplating the life of Jesus and looking at our life as pilgrims in this world with so many challenges, we feel the need of a profound conversion and the urgency of reviving faith in Him,” Francis stressed.
“Only then,” he continued, “can we serve our neighbor in charity! Every day we are called to renew our trust in Christ and His life and get inspired to fulfill our mission.”
The Holy Father encouraged them to continue their path with joy and hope, committing theirselves  completely in charity, so their founder’s charism continues ” to bear abundant fruit, also in our time.”
“The Church,” Francis stressed, “is called to operate with renewed vigor to reawaken faith and rekindle charity, especially among the most vulnerable population, poor spiritually and materially.”
Pope Francis concluded, entrusting all of the fathers to Mary’s protection and her model of perfect apostolic zeal and charity, and also imparted on them, his apostolic blessing.

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